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Christopher-PenczakChristopher Penczak is a Witch, teacher, writer and healing practitioner. His practice draws upon the foundation of both modern and traditional Witchcraft blended with the wisdom of mystical traditions from across the globe as a practitioner and teacher of shamanism, tarot, Reiki healing, herbalism, astrology and Qabalah.

He is the founder of the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and system of magickal training based upon the material of his books and classes. He is an ordained minister primarily serving the New Hampshire and Massachusetts pagan and metaphysical communities through public rituals, private counsel and teaching, though he travels extensively teaching throughout the United States.

We welcome you to the Alternative Religions Educational Network Headquarters Web Site and encourage you to visit often and become an informed member of your Community. We will try to keep you updated on issues of Religious Freedom and Spiritual Integrity throughout the United States. AREN is here for YOU! It is our goal to see that every member of Our Community becomes empowered in their pursuit of Religious Freedom. We can maintain our individual autonomy, as well as work together as a Collective. AREN now issues a call to all Religious Freedom Advocates, and Elders within Our Community…we must join together to insure Our birthright for the generations to come!! To those already supporting Our Community with these endeavors, thank you for your time and energy. For those whom support the ideals of AREN, either in Support or Magick... thank you!! AREN honors our we do the Deity within! Moving forward as we co-create Our Collective Community of the 21st Century...Blessed Be!



Dorothy Morrison
, the original Wicked Witch. Dorothy authored UTTERLY WICKED - Winner of the 2008 COVR Award for Best Pagan/Wiccan Book! 

Dorothy Morrison is a Wiccan High-Priestess of the Georgian tradition and author of numerous best selling books on paganism. Her down to earth style and no-nonsense explanations have earned her the moniker, “The Pagan Julia Sugarbaker.”

Harvey Wasserman - Journalist

Harvey Franklin Wasserman is an American journalist, author, democracy activist, and advocate for renewable energy. He has been a strategist and organizer in the anti-nuclear movement in the United States for over 30 years.

We are Walking Roots Farm, and “daggawalla” is the label we have created for distributing our seeds and plant medicines. We have been farming in Cascadia since 2005.

We believe that plant medicine is effective, and that growing your own food is a key to health. We are excited to share our seeds and medicine with you.  Tending to our herbs with attention and focus, we know when to harvest at peak value. With our seed-saving, we have been selecting for traits such as hardiness, flavor, productivity and color. Fellow Cascadians might be especially interested in planting our seeds since they were grown here, but most of our offerings would also thrive in other areas.

Karen Tate is an independent scholar of the Sacred Feminine for over twenty-five years, an ordained minister, and graduate of The Women's Theological Institute, specializing in Goddess and Women's Spirituality, Karen's particular emphasis is on the roles of women and the study of comparative religions and ancient cultures in a modern or reconstructed context. For her significant contributions in bringing the Sacred Feminine to both academia and the lived experiences of women and men through active ministry, sacred tours, books and radio, Ocean Seminary College proudly conferred upon Rev. Karen Tate a Doctorate of Ministry in Thealogy. It is no surprise then that she is the Founder of the educational, art, and cultural organization, The Isis Ancient Cultures Society, which organized public events around the Los Angeles area for more than ten years.

M. R. Sellars. We know him as Merv. As a member of the ITW (International Thriller Writers), M. R. Sellars is a relatively unassuming homebody who, in his own words, considers himself just a “guy with a lot of nightmares and a word processing program.” Legend has it he started making up stories to entertain a stuffed bear during his single digit years, then began writing them down sometime around his early teens when the growing catalog of fiction started causing him to experience migraines. Although he had several short stories and newspaper articles published during his early adult life, it wasn’t until 2000 that his first full-length novel, Harm None:  A Rowan Gant Investigation, hit bookstore shelves, officially launching the acclaimed paranormal thriller series. In order to satisfy his lifelong dream of being a satirical humor columnist for a major metropolitan newspaper, twice each week he removes his glasses, dons blue tights and a red cape, then blogs about the incredibly bizarre world that is his life as a writer, husband, and father. It has been said that his blog articles sometimes blur the line between fiction and reality. To that Sellars responds, “What line?”

Taylor Ellwood.  is the author of Pop Culture Magick, Space/Time Magic, Inner Alchemy, and Multi-Media Magic, as well as a co-author of Creating Magickal Entities and Kink Magic. Taylor also edited the Magick on the Edge and Manifesting Prosperity Anthologies. He is also the author of numerous articles on the occult which can be found at such magazines as New Witch Magazine and Konton Magazine and on such websites as Key 64, irreality, and Witchvox.

Taylor is the non-fiction Acquisitions and managing editor of Immanion Press. Taylor is also owner of Imagine Your Reality Life Coaching.

Tish Owen, author of  'Spell It Correctly' and 'Chasing The Rainbow' , is known as a woman of abundance. She resides in Nashville Tennessee and is the owner of  'The Goddess and the Moon', and  is the coordinator of the Pagan Unity Festival, now in it's thirteenth year. It is the largest festival in the Mid-South and  is a four day event which brings in Pagan authors that many in the area have never gotten a chance to see in person.

Tish reads tarot cards professionally, and her down-to-earth manner of laying out the situation along with her good advice has kept clients coming back  for eighteen-plus years. She also employs other divination tools such as numerology, pendulum, graphology and palmistry.

Tish is a media staple apearing on WWTN, WLAC, WRVW, WRLT, and WSM radio, The Morning News with Larry Britton, Channel 4 News at 6 and 10, The Talk of the Town, and CMT's "Gone Country". She's also been featured in the Tennessean, the Nashville Scene, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, and other local publications.

Tony Mierzwicki, has been practicing ceremonial magick since 1990. He has been running regular workshops and rituals recreating ancient magickal practices in the United States and on the east coast of Australia since 2001.

Tony is the author of “Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment” and a forthcoming primer reconstructing Classical Greek religion. He has contributed to various anthologies and magazines. He gives regular guest appearances and lectures at various pagan, witchcraft and new age events, as has been on television and radio shows.

Tony has completed three degrees at the University of Sydney - Master of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science. He served a three-year term on the Board of Directors for Cherry Hill Seminary from August 29, 2008 to September 30, 2011, of which roughly half was in the capacity of Secretary. Tony is originally from Sydney, Australia and currently lives with his wife Jo-Ann in Huntington Beach California.

Kyrja celebrates Sabbats, moon phases and other magickal gatherings with Friends of Rupert and performs "Rupert's Tales and Tunes" at festivals and every chance she gets. She continues to work on future tales featuring Rupert and his friends, as well as fantasy-genre fiction novels. Kyrja also likes to write and sing children's songs so may burst suddenly into song at any given moment!

"I'm a Friend of Rupert" is one of the many songs Kyrja has written for our furry friend and can be found near the back of the Activity Book. You can also sing along on our "Friends of Rupert" YouTube channel.

You can also watch "Introduction to Rupert" on YouTube, as well as "Rupert's Tales and Tunes" to see what the books offer, and what we do at festivals and events. Hop on over and join us:

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