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The Gospel of the Phoenix - Another Revelation of Jesus

Paperback: 124 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace (July 8, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1478196424

ISBN-13: 978-1478196426

Book Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.3 inches

Price $9.99

Ive always found early Christianity and the Jesus story itself fascinating, so the opportunity to read The Gospel of the Phoenix was one of good fortune.

The preface of the book paints a rich picture of what Stifyn Emrys is wanting to convey to readers, that being how the authors of the various books of the Christian Bible wrote about events and comments attributed to Jesus and his life among his peers.

Written in chapter and verse much like the Christian bible, The Gospel of the Phoenix takes you on a journey that not only showcases wisdom, but touches on all the wonderful sources of wisdom shared through the fabric of time. Stifyn Emrys challenges the Christian tradition with startling research into comparative mythology, including the lore of our ancient pagan belief systems sifted into the mix offering a wider view of how our literary collections have evolved into the many choices we have today. While reminding me heavily of the Christian bible, and a bit of the Poetic Eddas, reading along it also sparked my memory of Robert Graves and his rendition of King Jesus.

The Gospel of the Phoenix is not for those with delicate sensibilities, it definitely presents Jesus in a sapient manner, as a teacher, if not divine, and sharing that divinity with other sages. I found The Gospel of the Phoenix - Another Revelation of Jesus to be a well written, easily understood work of joy for those who, like me, enjoy reading comparatively across the spectrum of religions. It's very easy recognize the commonalities that Jesus shares with well known gods in Paganism.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is curious about subjects such as raising the dead, the God and his consort, and Mother/Father God. There's a lot to explore and you will be left with much to contemplate regardless of what religion you subscribe to. I leave you with one of the many favorite quotations I like in The Gospel of the Phoenix.

The way is a great mother, empty yet inexhaustible. She gives birth to worlds unending. Ever present within you, manifest her as you will.


Green Egg web-mystress and founder of the Pentacle Project

About the Author

Stifyn Emrys is the pen name of a veteran journalist and educator who has written on subjects as diverse as history, religion, politics, and language. He has served as an editor for fiction and non-fiction projects, and his first book, "The Gospel of the Phoenix," was published in the summer of 2012. This work, based on years of research into the political and pagan origins of Judeo-Christian thought, follows in the tradition of such writers as Kahlil Gibran, Thomas Jefferson ("The Jefferson Bible") and Robert Graves ("King Jesus"). It examines the life of Jesus in biblical style through the lens of sources including the canonical gospels, the Jesus sutras, the Gnostic gospels and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Stifyn Emrys has lectured occasionally on the pagan origins of of Judeo-Christian traditions and continues to research the development of religious traditions. He has worked as an editor, columnist, educator and reporter and serves as the editor of the soon-to-be-published young adult novel "Epidemic," the first installment of the upcoming "Mad World" series. He lives in California with his wife, stepson, one cat and one dog.


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