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A Tribute to Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart
1948 - 2014

Barbara Ardinger
Selena Fox
Luna Hart
Kirsten Johnson
Oberon Zell
Lasara Firefox
Motherbear Scott

And M.G.'s
"A Bouquet of Lovers"

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Morning Glory "The Wings Beneath My Wings"

My beloved has passed beyond the veil. She drew her final breath at 5:42 yesterday afternoon. Her handmaidens, students and priestesses prepared her body and dressed her in her beautiful Sea Priestess robes. She is now lying in grace in the Temple for a few days until we take her body to its final resting place in the Earth. It's been an incredible week--grief and joy intermixing like a lava lamp. So many beautiful loving people gathered around, taking care of everything. That's all I can really say right now...I can barely see to type. 


 If you would like to contribute to Morning Glory's legacy fund, you can click here:


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The Green Egg is working on a special issue in remembrance of our beloved MorningGlory. We would like for everyone to send your stories about MG, and any photos you have so we can include them in this issue. The electronic issue will be free of charge, and you will be able to download it from this website. We will also have  hard-copys available for those who want one.  Please send your stories and photos to the editor at:


Put *MorningGlory* in the subject line. 

Morning Glory Zell  born May 27, 1948 - crossed the veil into the Summerlands at 5:42 PM MAY 13, 2014.

Dear Friends, 

 Yesterday (5/16/2014) we laid Morning Glory’s body into the Earth, to rest in the bosom of Mother Gaea until she may return again in new flesh. I planted an apple tree over her loving heart, that someday her substance may return to us all as sweet nourishing fruit. It was a small private ceremony, attended by immediate family and about 30 of our closest family friends. And what a beautiful and moving ceremony it was! 

MG’s body was carried by six pallbearers (three a breast…) across the dam to the campfire circle in the beautiful open redwood casket made by Emrys (who also dug her grave). She was laid in the center of the circle, shrouded in wrappings, blessing ribbons, chakra stones, and a burgundy velvet wrap that had been lovingly embroidered by all her Handmaidens. A drinking horn of her favorite whiskey (Tullamore Dew) was passed around the circle, and each person told of what MG had meant to them. Then we carried her up the hill and lowered her into her grave (after first removing our tuxedoed Druid, Don, who managed to fall in without losing his top hat!). Our granddaughter and other children began throwing flowers into her coffin, in the oldest burial custom of humanity—begun over 100,000 years ago by our predecessor subspecies, the Neanderthals. Songs were sung, and tears were shed. Feasting followed. After the hole had been all filled in, Freya arranged a lovely berm and circle of dirt clods around, planting many wildflowers (including, of course, Morning Glories) Pilgrims who visit her in times to come may consider bringing stones to replace the clods, which will soon wear away. I have seen this custom in the mountains of Peru… 

Morning Glory is buried at the top of the Upper Meadow at CAW’s sacred land of Annwfn (Welsh” “Land of the Dead”)—our 55-acre sanctuary in the misty mountains of Mendocino County, bequeathed to us by our late bard, Gwydion Pendderwen, who died at Samhain 1982, and whose ashes were our first internment there. Morning Glory’s grave overlooks the campfire circle where we have held our rites of Beltane (and Walpurgisnacht) for the past 30 years. Many stories will be told of this Death of a Pagan Priestess—which has already become mythic (as was her life). And that is how we achieve immortality—for what is remembered, lives! 

Arranging all the legalities for MG’s green burial has now secured Annwfn as an officially-recognized cemetery for full body burials—a final gift to the Pagan community from one of our eldest and most revered Priestesses. There is a space right next to her that is reserved for my own eventual burial—many years from now (I hope!). And over the years to come, I expect that many other Pagans will want to have their green burials at Annwfn. Arrangements can be made. 

I am grateful to all of our many friends, family, lovers, waterkin, priestesses and priests who came by over the final weeks in the hospital and at home, to lend support, prepare meals, clean house, share stories, and generally take care of everything for everyone. We owe particularly deep gratitude to Don Davis, patient advocate, who came up from Tucson over a month ago to arrange in-home hospice and many other things. Deep gratitude also goes out to Kiri Johnsen, MG’s and my first student when we moved to the ranch in 1977; to LaSara Firefox, adopted Niece and CAW Priestess; her mother, Marylyn Motherbear, Elder Priestess of CAW, who served as our Priestess throughout this transition and the final rites; to Julie Epona, our devoted consort and paramour for the past 22 years, who also served as Priestess to the end. Wynter, Karina, Cat, Eileen, and others of MG’s students, apprentices, initiates and protégés, who will be working with Kiri to preserve and continue her legacy of Goddess teachings and her secure collection of more than 300 Goddess figurines. 

And most of all, we are all deeply grateful to Reverend Judith Karen Fenley, of Harmonizing Health Center/Choices, who moved mountains and worked miracles at every step of the way, clearing the legal pathways to bring MG home to die; to transport her body to Annwfn; and most importantly—to have Annwfn designated a legal cemetery—something MG herself had tried to do decades earlier without success. Judith became part of our Family and Tribe during this process, where she became involved in every aspect of MG’s transition. We love you, Judith!
And now I must enter a new phase of my life, holding the Love of my life within my heart and head, and carry on The Work for both of us. There is still so much to do… 

Bright Blessings, and Never Thirst! 


In this issue: 

Pagan History: the modern wheel of the year and how it came to be 

Were Washington and Jefferson Jesus mythicists?

Luna Hart -  Why Astrology is Bunk 

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 (Warning: may contain triggers for survivors of molestation as a child) 

 (My name is Ariel Monserrat and I have been the editor and publisher of the Green Egg magazine, the oldest still-publishing Pagan magazine. The following letter to the Pagan community explains what this letter is about and I encourage everyone to read it, email it to friends, post on websites, comment sections, forums et al. Please distribute freely.) 

 No doubt you have read or heard about the arrest of Kenny Klein, Pagan elder, musician and author, for possession of child pornography, which he has admitted to. What you may not know is the background behind all of this and what is happening in the wider Pagan community. This open letter seeks to promote healing in our community, which is now being torn apart by hurt, anger, disappointment and a sense of betrayal by one of our own. 

I’ve spent the last 3 days visiting forums and comments sections on various Pagan websites and I’ve seen all of the above for myself. After reading literally hundreds of comments, what I see is that our beloved Pagan community is in deep pain, grief and anger that we have been lied to and duped by a Pagan leader whose music and writing many of us enjoyed. 

For myself, as editor and publisher of Green Egg, I am shocked and saddened that we have published the writings and promoted the music of someone who was an active child molester in our community. I have issued a statement about this and we have deleted our page on Kenny on the Green Egg website. 

Obviously, we don’t condone such activity in the least. If we had had any inkling of what Kenny is truly like, we never would have given him the time of day. What occurs to me now is that our Pagan community is in deep anguish and that we need some deep healing, as well as a way to deal with such things in the future. For this reason, I have chosen to spearhead a campaign to establish a central committee for reporting child sexual abuse in our Pagan community. 

I don’t have a complete plan yet, and I need the input from the Pagan community at large. I welcome all input, including productive criticism, in setting up such a committee. I worked as a psychotherapist for 16 years for Napa County, California and for non-profits and worked with both the abused and the abusers. Most of my clients had been sexually molested themselves and many came to me when they learned that their partner had been molesting their children. 

Law enforcement would send their convicted molesters to me for counseling, as they didn't know what else to do with them. I quickly learned from other therapists and from my own experiences that child molesters simply do not benefit from counseling. In all of those 16 years, I came across only one person who had molested children and sought counseling. He was a decent person who had himself been molested and was struggling with his own darkness to change that part of himself. Unfortunately, almost no child molesters want to quit molesting. It is like an addiction for them and they get a high from it. 

For those who are still in doubt over Kenny’s guilt, I want you to know that it is perfectly normal to react this way. This is how decent, good people feel. They don’t want to falsely accuse someone, nor do they want to start a witchhunt. Without further information, it can be very difficult to know what to do or even what to believe. With this in mind, I’d like to summarize what we know about Kenny and his guilt or innocence. This information is drawn from newspaper articles, the Louisiana State Police Facebook page, and personal experiences that Pagans have shared on open forums. 

The summary of this information is: 

 1) Kenny admitted to not only downloading child pornography, but also sharing it. He was arrested in a sting operation aimed at a child pornography ring that he was apparently a part of. 

 2) Kenny’s biological son, Jo Pax, came forward and told a horrifying and shocking story on a Patheos forum that was about the abuse and molestation that Kenny perpetrated on him. It can be found here and I believe Jo’s statements will erase all doubt that anyone may have as to Kenny’s guilt.: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/themediawitches/2014/03/prominent-pagan-arrested-for-child-porn/ 

 3) A number of Pagans have come forward on public Pagan forums to tell their story about being approached inappropriately by Kenny when they were 12 years old or younger. They also talk about their younger friends who weren’t so lucky, because they were actually molested by Kenny. Some of their stories are here: http://wildhunt.org/2014/03/allegations-emerge-after-pagan-author-charged-with-possessing-child-pornography.html 

 4) For years, there have been at least several incidents where Kenny’s molesting was reported to the police, but unfortunately they weren’t believed. This speaks to the irresponsible behavior of law enforcement but it also speaks to the need for Pagans to come up with our own solutions to protect our children. This is why I believe that forming our own Pagan committee to deal with child sexual abuse is an important first step to help us protect our children and for families to get the help, support and information they so desperately need when in crisis. 

 5) The police report from the Louisiana State Police has been posted on Facebook and can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/LouisianaStatePolice/posts/828993507117241?stream_ref=10 

If you are looking for further information and news reports you can Google: Kenny Klein arrested for child pornography. 

In my opinion, there is nothing that will raise the anger of any community more than the discovery that a child who has been abused in their own community. When the perpetrator is a part of that community, the anger is intensified. Child sexual abuse occurs in every single sector of humanity - in every church, in every profession, religion, race and in every social class. In its wake, it leaves unimaginable devastation and lasting trauma and the pain and nightmares don't end when the molestation/rape ends; indeed, they often occur for years afterwards. 

I encourage everyone who has feelings about this whole event of Kenny's arrest, to talk with other Pagans and share feelings, ideas, stories, and comfort with each other. I see this as an enormous opportunity for some healing to occur in our Pagan community and hopefully, for some positive changes to come about as a result. We will need volunteers - psychotherapists, peer counselors, pastoral counselors, those in the legal profession, healers and magickal workers, and disseminators of information. 

This is only the beginning of this idea and much work needs to be done in order to develop it and turn it from a dream into reality. We need input from everyone in the community who has any constructive ideas about how to proceed with creating a committee which will be able to be a central clearinghouse for information, counseling, legal help, people who run Pagan festivals, etc. If you'd like to help but aren't sure what skills you have that might be helpful, please contact us, we will find a place for you. This project is a "we" thing and can't be accomplished without many hands pitching in, many hearts coming together and the whole community giving input and support. 

In an effort to help people understand more about the effects on the entire family of child molestation, Kenny's biological son, Jo Pax, has graciously consented to appear on our radio show this Thursday, April 3, at 3:00 p.m. PST (6:00 p.m. EST) on Blog Talk Radio. This will be a call-in show and we invite you to call in with questions and comments for Jo. Jo is very excited about being able to tell his story, as it is an important part of the healing process. 

You can listen to the show here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/airamarteifio/2014/04/03/green-egg-five-rivers-decide-for-yourself You can also listen to the show after it airs any time you like. We will also be interviewing Tsipora Katz, Kenny's ex-wife the following Thursday, April 3 at the same time listed above. As well, we are setting up a website with a forum so people can exchange ideas, share stories and dialogue about all aspects of child sexual abuse with the idea of co-creating a committee to help with Pagans faced with child sexual abuse issues. 

 If you would like to send in ideas, become a volunteer, ask questions or are just seeking more information about this project, please contact me, Ariel Monserrat at: greeneggzine@gmail.com I will respond as soon as I possibly can and I welcome ALL helpful, constructive input from everyone. 

For further information, check both of our Green Egg Facebook pages for periodic updates as we develop our commmittee: https://www.facebook.com/greeneggzine and  https://www.facebook.com/GreenEgg2 or you can check back here on our website: greeneggzine.com 

If you have any questions or input, please email me, Ariel Monserrat at: greeneggzine@gmail.com

Thank you and blessings to all, Ariel Monserrat, M.A. Editor & Publisher Green Egg zine greeneggzine.com greeneggzine@gmail.com

By Ariel Monserrat and Michael Gorman 
March 3, 2014 

Today Ariel Monserrat announced that the popular Green Egg Radio Hour is back but with a new name and a new co-host. The show will be called “The Green Egg/Five Rivers Show” and will feature Ariel Monserrat, editor and publisher of the Pagan journal, Green Egg. 

Her new co-host will be Michael Gorman, a Druid of the Order of Bards and Ovates Druidry, and an award-winning author and scholar. Michael is from the Five Rivers Bardic Arts collective and the show will be a joint effort. The show will be on Blog Talk Radio on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m. PST/6:00 p.m. EST. 
 The show is live and will be recorded so listeners can tune in any time they want and listen to the recorded version. 

The show has a chat room for listeners to ask questions and to comment. Listeners will also be able to call in to make comments, ask questions or meet the interviewed guest. This Thursday’s show will feature Michael and Ariel, 
as they introduce themselves and talk about Michael’s new book, “The Celtic Philosopher’s Stone: Not Your Father’s European History, Volume I”. You 
can listen to the show at and hear past episodes at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/airamarteifio Each episode will also be posted 
the day after the show on Green Egg’s website: greeneggzine@gmail.com 

The guests for the first month are: March 6 – Michael Gorman and Ariel Monserrat “Introductions” 

March 13 – Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone 

March 20 – Taylor Ellwood, Managing Editor at Pagan publishing house, Immanion Press, 

March 27 - To Be Announced 

April 3 - To be announced

On March 13, the second show will feature Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. 

In April or May, the show will have an interview with noted Yanomami tribal member, Davi Kopenawa, known as the “Dalai Lama of the Rainforest”. The Yanomami are one of the few tribes left who have had no contact with civilization until recently, when they began their fight to be left alone and to have their lands undeveloped. They are struggling as the government fails to protect them from criminal invasions, attacks and disease. 

Davi will be talking about his tribe’s efforts to remain isolated. 

Other future guests include Oberon Zell-Ravenheart as well as noted Pagan writers, artists and musicians, shamans, Pagan historians, magickal practitioners, and more.  

For more information, contact: Ariel Monserrat: greeneggzine@gmail.com or Michael Gorman: poetgorman@gmail.com 

Check the Green Egg website for the show schedule at: greeneggzine.com

Dear Green Egg Readers: We believe that writers and artists should be 
able to make a living wage for their work. We have up to now not paid any of our contributors for any of their work, it has all been done strictly on a 
volunteer basis. We deeply appreciate the work of everyone that contributed their time and work for free but we feel that the fair thing to do is to pay them a living wage; after all, they work at what they do. 

Sadly, we are no longer able to publish a free edition of Green Egg. We regret this but we do need to be able to pay our writers, artists and web master a fair and decent rate and we also need to pay for things like our website, keep our computers up to date and in good working condition, and of course there is the enormous project of getting all the old back issues of Green Egg (going back to the very first issue in 1968) onto disc so we can put them up on the internet.

We have not been paying our contributors and we've been paying out of 
pocket for several years now but are no longer able to do so, as we have quite 
a bit of medical expenses now. We have therefore decided to publish Green 
Egg not only in hard copy print edition but also in I-pad version, as well as 
being able to see it in your web browser. The I-pad and web browser versions will only be a couple of dollars and if you buy the print edition, you will also receive the I-pad and web browser version along with it at no extra charge.

You can find all of our publications at: magcloud.com Simply enter "Green 
Egg" in the search box and it will take you to the Green Egg issues. Or you 
can check Facebook, Twitter and our website to see when our new issues 
come out and to get the URL which will take you directly to our latest issue. 

We hope our readers will understand why we can no longer produce issues at 
no cost. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the editor at: greeneggzine@gmail.com 

SUBMISSIONS: Yes, we accept writing and art submissions for publication in Green Egg. We ask that you not format your contributions except for one space between paragraphs. Please, no tabulations, fancy script or text in anything but black. It makes it easier for you and for us! 

The reason for this is because after receiving an article we then have to put it 
in a format with columns and if there is a lot of fancy formatting, it takes us forever to delete it (meaning all your hard work is gone anyway) and put it into the format we need for publication. 

 We publish 4 times a year: Imbolc, Beltaine, Lammas, and Samhain. 

We accept submissions of writing and poetry on topics of interest in general to Pagans. This includes articles on mythology, alternative history and innovative science, Pagan traditions, history, and Pagan-oriented fiction, as well as polyamory and anything that is an innovative idea. 

We also like to publish articles on various Pagan traditions, Native American spiritual beliefs and paths and all other religions that fall under the Pagan category, such as indigenous shamanism, etc. We are not limited to these topics and will publish anything that would be of interest to Pagans in general.

We look forward to hearing from you! You can send your submissions to: greeneggzine@gmail.com

Elizabeth Fuller and Conrad Bishop have been in the theatre for over 50 years, writing, directing, producing and acting in their own plays. They are also 
writers, Pagans and polyamorous. Their blog can be found at: 

"Neighborhoods" by Elizabeth Fuller 
(Reprinted with permission) 

Cats don’t acknowledge property lines. We have four ferals (all neutered, 
OK?), and I think of them as “mine,” especially the two that will allow themselves to be petted. They know where the food bowl is, and the water, 
and I’m sure that if they made maps, those locations would be prominently noted, but I’m equally sure there would be no boundaries. 

So I see His Majesty sitting in the empty car-park area of the next-door neighbor, and I say, “What’s he doing there?” And then I think, well, that’s dumb, how would “there” be any different from “here” for him? 

I’ll go miles, sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles, to visit a friend, and walking up to their door feels familiar and comfortable. So why do I hesitate to walk up a neighbor’s driveway and introduce myself? The feeling of otherness starts as soon as I set foot on their driveway. It’s their turf, not mine. The cat couldn't care less. 

There’s a sharp curve in the road across from our house, and many’s the time some exhilarated driver has failed to round the curve and shot off down the steep slope or fetched up with a hearty whack against the utility pole. And in 
the middle of the night all of us in the neighborhood don coats and grab flashlights to go see if there’s some way we can help. 

And for a brief time, we’re mingling, we’re actually neighbors in a neighborhood. And if the damage is severe, as it was last fall with one utility pole snapped clean off and taking four others down with the weight of the 
wires, we have the excuse of the trucks and the workmen to gather and chew the fat for days. It was even suggested, that time, that it would be cool to have 
a rural block party in broad daylight some time. Hasn’t happened yet, but who knows? 

Every year, unless we just don’t have the cash, I go to visit our daughter in Tuscany, and then I make my sacred rounds to Bretagne. I go to Carnac and Quiberon and Belle Isle, and I don’t know a soul there, nobody knows me. But in some deep way I feel the earth knows me. I feel the ley lines. It’s my neighborhood. 

How do we define this? I think it’s a crucial question, as we move into a time 
of diminishing resources and conflicts over them. When our well pump failed and it took a while to get a new one, the well guy suggested that we run a garden hose over to our next-door neighbor and hook up our hose bib to his hose bib. It never occurred to me that our whole house could get water that way. We asked, and it was OK, and it worked. There’s a metaphor for you.

Back when we had a radio show, Hitchhiking Off the Map, we interviewed a wonderful poet-activist-teacher, Cesar Cruz. One of his lines is still bright in 
my mind: 

I’m thankful that birds don’t carry green cards. 

 — From the Fool — 

The big deal now is National Security. We need some. We spend big bulges of bucks, but we just stay scared. I guess we need to stay scared. 

Armies are job-creators. People go out and get shot and somebody else gets their job. Plus, more people want guns than solar panels. 

With no terror, who’d watch the news? How could politicians get our attention? Fireworks? Puppet shows? 

Terror works like fiber in the diet. Too much, you clog up. Not enough, you can’t poop. 

But are we doing enough to keep us terrified? 

The Injuns had their day. Then the Brits and the Huns. The Nazis were big for a while, then they made a few bloopers, but the Russians and Commies filled the gap. Then they crapped out too. How long can we rely on the Islams? 

We need a big think tank. Get some terrorists we can rely on, who are in there for the long haul. The Climate Change stuff might do it if the storms are big enough, but it’s hard in a tornado to figure who to kill. Maybe Asteroid Avoidance. Those things are out there, and they killed the dinosaurs. We could take all the billions we waste on educating little dummies and sink it into atomic bombs for rocks in the sky. 

That’s one idea. 

Point is, we need to stop depending on foreign imports of terror. Raise 
domestic production. Promote terror-sufficiency for America. 

 — From CB — 

We have a long-time friend who’s made a life career of theatrical match-
making, first on a community level, then internationally — promoting exchanges, touring, partnerships, usually among artists outside the realm of 
the big hits, big buildings, or big cities. A weird, magical entrepreneur. 

Recently he visited us, with his young assistant in tow. We talked at length about his current projects in Hungary, Russia, Austin, etc. The talk worked around to an occasional San Francisco event where theatre artists gather to 
talk about their art and the culture they live in — not about promo or grants or capital campaigns. That’s unusual: few people go into theatre to make bucks, but once you’re there, you’re focused on survival, scrounging for the tools to work your craft. At theatre conferences, serious talk about Art and Life is mostly confined to panelists making speeches. 

It’s even rarer to speak of each other’s work with any degree of honesty. 
 We've all devised our strategies for navigating that moment of meeting a 
friend who’s involved in a show you didn't like. Hard to be honest, even 
harder to be useful — why offer a critique when the show’s near to closing? And yet I know how valuable a peer’s genuine response can be. Even if it’s totally wrong, it forces you to look at some element with fresh eyes. It’s like 
a patient describing a symptom, though it’s for me to make my own diagnosis and prescription. 

We’ve had great experiences in “listening sessions” with radio producers, playing a piece and getting excruciatingly detailed feedback. Likewise in two fiction-writing circles we’re part of. Not so easy to do that in theater, except 
for play readings. In conversing with our friend, the idea emerged of a “shapers’ forum,” where directors or solo performers or ensemble actors — anyone with 
a hand in shaping a work — could present his/her ideas to a circle of peers, for 
a round of no-holds-barred brainstorming with an ad hoc creative team. I’d 
love to see that happen. 

And I’d love to see it happen in other spheres. Crowd-sourcing for ideas of social action, for the life of towns and cities, for a friend who’s utterly baffled about what to do in life. Is there a way to offer the gift of caring response without demanding that it be accepted? Is there a way of opening to receive another’s thoughts? Is there a way to focus our tribe on making a magic that works? 

 --- E.F.




California – October 25, 2013 – Green Egg, the famous Pagan magazine which was first published in 1968, proudly announces that it is now back in print. The popular Pagan journal was founded by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and has featured articles by such luminaries as Jacques Vallee, Robert Anton Wilson, Starhawk, Joanna Macy and many articles by Oberon himself, as well as articles and poems by his wife, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart.

The last print issue of Green Egg was in 2000, when it was shut down.It was revived in 2007 when Ariel Monserrat, editor/publisher and Tom Donohue, Science Editor and Graphics Layout Artist, brought Green Egg back as an e-zine.

The new print version will also be available in i-Pad version for 2.00.

The print version is available for purchase for $8.00.

Both versions include a digital version.

You can purchase the print, i-Pad or digital version here:


Since 2011, Green Egg has been available as a digital publication on our website and has been free.  Because of the economy, this will non longer be available.

Green Egg will also be available soon in bookstores.Green Egg also has plans to post all of the old issues of Green Egg prior to 2000, on the website. Hopefully, all of the old issues will be online by Summer of 2014.You can find the Green Egg website here, along with all of the digital versions since its revival in 2007:


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