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This site will go blank somewhere at the end of April, so be sure to bookmark the new site! You can find the current issue of Green Egg and more at the link. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you over at the new home.  

In this Issue:

A Tribute to Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart
1948 - 2014 

Barbara Ardinger
Selena Fox
Luna Hart
Kirsten Johnson
Oberon Zell
Lasara Firefox
Motherbear Scott

And M.G.'s "A Bouquet of Lovers"

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In this issue: 

Pagan History: the modern wheel of the year 
and how it came to be 

Were Washington and Jefferson Jesus 

Luna Hart -  Why Astrology is Bunk 

Issues can be purchased in hard copy for 
$9.00, I-Pad, or PC for $2.00. If you buy 
a hard copy you get a digital copy free!

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